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    【PYF spring cone crusher】
    Product description
    When the PYF spring cone crusher spring cone crusher is working, the motor drives the eccentric bushing to rotate through the horizontal shaft and a pair of bevel gear teeth. The crushing cone axis line performs the swivel motion under the movement of the eccentric shaft, so that the wall surface is broken. It is close to the surface of the rolling wall, and the ore is continuously crushed and bent in the crushing chamber to be broken. It can be used in metallurgy, construction, road construction, chemical industry and building materials industry. It is suitable for crushing hard and medium hard ore and rock. Such as iron ore, limestone, quartz, granite, cement clinker.
    Product characteristics
    First, the crushing frequency and eccentricity are good, and the fine fraction content in the crushed product is high.
    Second, the crushing force is large, its force arm is longer than other cone crushers existing on the market, the arm is long, and the crushing impact torque is large. The long arm is embodied on the main shaft and has the characteristics of reducing the load of the eccentric bearing, reducing the bearing temperature and prolonging the service life of the bearing. The large crushing force and the free fall of the material make the crusher have high frequency and low consumables.
    Third, the crushing cone stroke will increase the production capacity, the machine is designed with a large eccentricity, just the right cone angle, so that it has a larger discharge volume.
    Fourth, the spring insurance system as an overload protection system can allow foreign bodies and iron blocks to pass through the crushing chamber without damaging the crusher. This system generates a large reaction force compared with the old crusher, so the crushing force becomes larger and the production efficiency is high.
    Fifth, the hydraulic system can connect the mobile hydraulic station and the hydraulic clearing system. After starting the hydraulic station, the support sleeve, the adjusting sleeve and the rolling wall are raised to leave the main frame body, thereby increasing the crushing space and facilitating the cleaning work. 

    【HC single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher】
    Product description
    Our company's HC single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has a simple and smooth appearance, small size, light weight, and greatly improved production capacity. It realizes intelligent control. The single-cylinder hydraulic mechanism makes the adjustment of the equipment convenient, even during the operation of the equipment. It is also easy to adjust the discharge port easily. The intelligent automatic control system enables the crusher to be in the required working state and realizes the automatic compensation function of the inner and outer cone liner wear. The size of the discharge opening can be accurately set and adjusted from the operation panel, and the wear amount of the wear parts can be automatically compensated by a few buttons from the operation panel. At the same time, due to the single-cylinder mechanical structure, the entire model is compact, reducing the tubing oil circuit and the external adjustment mechanism.

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